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The Need

As a result of the rapid development in the fields of biotechnology and medicine there is currently a strong demand for novel analytical tools that allow fast, precise and inexpensive analyses to be carried out involving analytes present in subnanomolar concentrations in complex real world samples.

Our Vision

For bioanalytical purposes, microanalytical devices, such as the one proposed in this project, can offer significant advantages over conventional off-chip techniques. Two important advantages are the access to inexpensive disposable devices and the possibility to handle very small amounts of sample in a reproducible manner.

Current Status

The group headed by Dr. Fredrik Nikolajeff has for the last three years been exploiting different techniques for microfabricating structures in various materials. Techniques, which have been used, include electron-beam lithography, laser ablation, photolithography, wet- and dry etching, and gray-scale lithography. Materials that we have been working with include thermoplastics, epoxies, polyimides, glass, fused silica, GaAs, InP, silicon, and diamond. In particular, for microfluidics applications, we have focused on the use of polymeric materials.

Our Sponsor - SSF

"The Swedish Foundation for Strategic Research was founded in 1994 with a founding capital of SEK 6 000 million from the former so-called wage-earner funds. The purpose of the Foundation is to support research in natural science, engineering and medicine that will strengthen Sweden's competitiveness. The Governing Board of 13 members is appointed by the Swedish government." [...]